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The wonderful world of Tajima’s embroidery

TAJIMA were commissioned to embroider the (iris) flowers onto the kimono belt of “Princess Yaegaki” for the recent “KABUKI 2019” and shown at the G20 – Osaka Summit. This was done using Tajima’s unique technology the new i-TM (Intelligent Thread Management) on the latest TMCR model.

The NEW Tajima SAI Embroidery Machine is here

AJS Embroidery Services Ltd are please to announce the first public showing of the new Tajima “SAI” Super compact embroidery machine at the Co-active – Newtech show Durham.

Keep up to date with the latest in Tajima Technology

Keep up to date with the latest technology by Tajima.   Click the link below for more information, video clips of each model of embroidery machine, options and functions which are available.

PulseID API Toolkit

The PulseID API enables your developers to create their own applications by exposing them to Pulse’s powerful vector and embroidery engines.

Celebrating Tajima’s 70th Year.

This year 2014 marks the 70th year since we launched our business as Tokai Industrial Sewing Machine, selling and repairing industrial sewing machines.