Tajima TMBU-SC

tajima tmbu embroidery machine

The Tajima TMBU-SC is an advanced, long awaited embroidery machine that improves efficiency.

  • Capable of embroidering on large bags
  • Complete support functions are built in
  • Able to embroider on leather without flip-flop
  • Able to embroider on caps at high speed
  • Embroidery software greatly increases work efficiency


TMBU The next-generation Tajima features a digitally-controlled presser foot (DCP), network access, and a slim cylinder design for easier access. The reinforced Wide Cap Frame has enhanced the embroidery stability whereby increasing the rotational speed to 1000rpm.

What is DCP? DCP is an abbreviation for “Digitally Controlled Presser Foot.” The machine can embroider on very thin to thick material or seamed sections without fluttering. DCP keeps embroidery quality high while reducing broken needles, thread breakage, skip stitching, etc.


Is your shop networked?  The Tajima TMBU Series can easily receive embroidery data by connecting the embroidery software to a network. Autograph and DL/ML are recommended as this software simplifies the process of personalization and allows for the smoothest design data generation and transmission to the machine.

FS Mode is good for loosely twisted thread. FS mode is best suited for loosely twisted threads as it can embroider this of thread with a high quality finish. By using the FS Mode exclusive parts (sold separately) a nice lofty finish can be achieved