GEMfix Rhinestone Machine

Automatic Rhinestone and Rhinestud Transfer Machine –¬†Strassbox Pro

GEMfix Strassbox Pro, is an automatic rhinestone and rhinestud transfer machine. This rhinestone transfer machine can be used in the customization industry or at an industrial level.

With this rhinestone and rhinestud machine you can stay completely focused on designing the transfers that your creativity desires.

This machine can use a vacuum pump instead of compressed air.

GEMFIX Strassbox Pro Features

  • Automatic machine for rhinestone and rhinestud transfer production.
  • The vacuum pump eliminates the use of compressor.
  • Simple, compact and low cost.
  • 4 sizes or 4 colors in the same design.
  • For industry or customization.
  • Max. Speed: 200 rhinestones per minute.
  • Reliable and low cost maintenance.
  • From SS 6 (2mm) until SS 20 (5mm).
  • Easy and intuitive creation software.
  • Maximum working field: 500mmx320mm.
  • Easily transportable.


Other models also available, please click GEMfix link above to find out more