Polytech DTF Printer






Direct To Film printing is the latest way to print stunning garments, using water-based ink.

It creates highly durable prints, without the need for pre-treatment, saving you time and money. Plus, with the addition of white ink, users can print onto any coloured garment.

Purchase an all-in-one solution, including a 60cm wide printer and coating machine, that work simultaneously together to streamline your production process.

  • Roll-to-Roll Printer with 2 x 4750 Print Heads
  • In-Line Polycoat Adhesive Powder Applicator, and Stand
  • 1litre DTF Ink Packs-White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
  • Opacic Film Roll 60cm wide x 100m
  • Super Soft Adhesive Powder 1kg
  • CADlink Digital Factory DTF Edition Software Driver, and RIP Software
  • Delivery, installation, and on-site training
  • 12 months On-site parts and labour warranty including travel (Inked parts not included)
  • Free ongoing telephone support program to handle ongoing questions you may have