Equipment Leasing

At AJS we can help your business to grow and develop without having to fund large equipment costs. Instead, you can spread payments by leasing your equipment with us through Shire Leasing.

All leased equipment is backed by the AJS Embroidery Machine promise of exceptional customer service and ongoing support.

Shire Leasing – Giving your business the power to grow.

The Benefits of Leasing 100% tax efficient. All payments qualify for up to 100% tax relief (unlike a bank loan) which can dramatically reduce costs in most cases around 19%.

Improve Cash-flow -Keep cash in your bank.

Unsecured Borrowing – The equipment that is being leased is the only security that is generally necessary.

Spread VAT – VAT is spread in equal chunks across the agreement (rather than payable upfront) minimising cash-flow disruption.

For more information on how leasing can help you, please contact Alex Hall on 07553 247737 or email him at

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All equipment supplied by AJS is available to lease, enabling you to move your business forward and spread the cost.

A quick phone call could be all you need to get on the path to your new piece of equipment. We work with many companies in this way as it’s a great way to keep cash flow and grow your business, and what’s more, you are backed by AJS’s high level of customer service. We’ll be there at every stage to help with your new machine, from delivery, and fitting, through to software and training, our team is on hand to get you up and running straight away. Find out more about how we look after our customers by reading our testimonials.

So what are you waiting for? call Alex on 07553 247737 and he can walk you through the hassle-free process and answer any questions you may have.