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The Worlds first – An innovative embroidery machine without manual thread tension adjustment Tajima TMEZ-SC1501 embroidery machine features: The TMEZ machine is a world’s first…the first embroidery machine without manual tensions. This technology is called i-TM, Intelligent Thread Management. I-TM cleverly looks at the design and delivers exactly the right amount of thread that is […]


The outstanding quality and durability of industrial embroidery machines, condensed into a compact body. Bring color to your business with SAI, the model that offers high quality finishing with production power. Super compact design for portability and table top use. Touchscreen 3.5 x 6in full colour LCD control panel which is easy to learn. Fast 800 stitches per […]

Tajima TMBU-SC

Single Head Embroidery Machines – tajima TMBU-SC At AJS, we have a wide range of single head embroidery machines available so you can find the ideal product. The Tajima TMBU-SC is an advanced and long awaited single head embroidery machine which improves efficiency. Capable of embroidering on large bags Complete support functions are built in Able […]

Tajima TWMX-C1501 (SUMO)

Tajima TWMX-C1501 (SUMO) embroidery machine features: Worlds largest tubular frame (550 x 600mm) Big memory Microsmart technology Full colour screen Energy saving sleep mode Patented features The TAJIMA Sumo embroidery machine has all the great features of the TAJIMA EVO embroidery machine. The main difference is the super wide embroidery area which can provide for […]

Tajima TMBP-SC1501

Tajima Single Head Machine Single Head Machine UK exclusive dealer – Tajima TMBP-SC1501 Tajima TMBP-SC1501 embroidery machine features: New underhanging frame drive 360 x 500mm Sewing area FS Mode (Easy to sew difficult twisted threads) Big memory Easy threading and tensioning system 2 x USB and 1 x LAN Ports Barcoding ready (Easy networking) Full […]