New Tajima TUMX-C1501 Embroidery machine with under hanging drive.


Jun 2014

The new Tajima TUMX-C1501 turns the world of embroidery up side down. The designers at Tajima have done it again with the new Tajima TUMX-C1501 Embroidery machine.

They have totally redesigned the drive system to hang from above as opposed to the sides on other embroidery machines. This might not sound like a big thing but if you embroiderer larger or bulkier items this is a huge advantage. When for example embroidering a large kitbag the bag hangs easily below the sewing area with no interruption making it a breeze to sew on designs with out having to worry the bag is going to get trapped or caught.

The machine uses proven MICROSMART technology used on the TFMX-IIC series of multi head machines. It will run up to 1200 spm and has a huge memory. The design of the machine chassis is such that all panels are flat and can be easily wrapped in vinyl to promote your brand in a retail environment.

The Tajima TUMX-C is yet another new development from Tajima that has been born from listening to customers needs.

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