Tajima are pioneering the future with solid technology and excellent development capabilities.


Mar 2020

In order to meet the needs of their customers Tajima strive to improve their development environment by introducing state-of-the-art equipment in order to develop high-productivity embroidery machines that produce high-quality embroidery products. In an attempt to clear up the secret of “sewing,” once mostly dependent on a hunch and experience of skilled artisans, Tajima have visualized the “sewing” process with a high-speed camera and scientifically analysed it. Also, in order to achieve both higher speed and lower vibration, which actually conflict with each other, Tajima have introduced a latest type of simulator. In addition, they have set up endurance test equipment that can perform completely unattended operation around the clock. In this controlled environment with the latest equipment, Tajima are always carrying on our R&D activities.

Not only within the Tajima group of companies at home and abroad but also with research institutes and companies of different industries, Tajima have close alliances in order to actively promote joint R&D and technical links, as well as to share the latest information.

Tajima are pioneering the future with solid technology and excellent development capabilities
Based on the technology of sewing threads running freely, the technical capabilities accumulated at TAJIMA for many years are not only benefiting the apparel field but also new technologies and industrial fields by sewing special materials to various fabrics widely used and applied to industrial applications.

Tajima embroidery technology is used for example in car seating to fix a heater wire in for heat generation and also applied to the punching process used in for example perforations in leather seats instead of using punches and another example is the creation of carbon preforms by sewing carbon fibres in any direction.Industrial embroidery technology is a little-known field, so it can be expected beyond imagination through R&D.

These technologies are attracting attention in IT and the wearable computing market, and opens up possibilities in a wide range of fields such as automobiles, aerospace, architecture, robots and medical care.

Pioneering the future of industry with “sewing” technology is where Tajima want to be.

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