Why Businesses Lease Tajima Embroidery Machines.


Jul 2014

Business customers are faced with three choices when buying Tajima Embroidery Machines. Do they pay using their own cash, with a loan or should they lease?

By paying cash upfront an either or choice for essential equipment is created. What else could the cash be used for?

Loans are hard to get. They require meetings with the bank and are usually for large expenditures, and the administration can be complex.

Leasing benefits business by giving them the products and equipment they need at an affordable fixed monthly cost. Leasing allows the customer to quickly obtain the equipment they need for their business with minimum administration and impact on cash budgets.

Key benefits to leasing a new Tajima Embroidery machine or software package.

No Large Upfront Costs.
Preserves Cash within the company.
Easy to manage a budget.
Leaves other credit lines open.
Easy to keep up with technology upgrades.
Flexible payment levels.

If you would like to talk about leasing please call us on 01159 459460.

We are proud to work with Shire Leasing.


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