PulseID API Toolkit


Oct 2014

The PulseID API enables your developers to create their own applications by exposing them to Pulse’s powerful vector and embroidery engines.

Pulse has developed a powerful programmer’s toolkit with an Application Programming Interface (API) for the production and rendering of embroidery, digital print, and vector graphic designs. The toolkit enables software and application developers to add embroidery and digital print functionality to their own websites and applications. With this API, you’ll be able to produce, manipulate, and display personalized design files on your website. A simple REST interface is employed, allowing the generated designs to be presented to the user for visual confirmation before they are actually embroidered or printed.

The PulseID API can be used within your existing internal applications as well. This allows you to streamline the production processes of your organization on your own terms.

Nobody knows your customers better than you, which is why we allow your programmers the freedom to make their own design decisions that cater specifically to your customer base, no matter how large or small it may be.

Vector and Embroidery Engine Features
•Create designs from scratch or from pre-existing templates
•Improve workflow for you and your customers
•Enable your customers’ creativity
•Capitalize on the growing personalization trend
•Customize applications on your own terms
•Build into your existing order systems

Apparel Decoration Software
Embroidery, Digital Print, Sequin, Chenille, Rhinestone and Laser/Applique

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