New Tajima TMAR-KC Embroidery Machine


Jun 2014

New from Tajima is the TMAR-KC Series, a multihead automatic embroidery machine that is designed to make it easier to sew on a wide variety of fabric types and thicknesses for challenging or speciality jobs. The new digitally controlled presser foot adjusts to the fabric thickness, making it easier to sew on sheer fabrics up to dense fabrics such as canvas and leather with fewer thread breaks, tension issues and also at much higher speeds than before(up to 1100spm).

A newly designed middle thread guide allows for setting tension in half the time as could be done on the conventional thread guide. Needle movement has been decreased by 60%, making it easier to do intricate embroidery and getting much better results.

Thread tension can be adjusted on individual needle bars allowing for the use of a wide range of thin and thick threads. A speciality thread attachment makes it much easier to sew user thicker threads, and a new crank drive has made the machine more durable with much less maintenance. All this combined with a new Linux based touch screen operating panel, much bigger memory and higher speeds makes for a formidable embroidery machine.

Tajima celebrates its 70th year in 2014 and starts the year off with the launch of this new Tajima embroidery machine the TMAR Series.

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